JCCP Registers Officially Open March 1st

I am delighted to announce that the launch of the JCCP Registers for Aesthetic Practitioners and for Education and Training Providers is due to take place at the House of Lords on February 22nd.   The Registers will then officially open on March 1st.

jccp-logo  34f789b9-f364-4b7d-b367-43b8c8f69475

The launch of the Joint Council of Cosmetic Practitioners, and its sister organisation the Cosmetic Practice Standards Authority, is testament to the hard work of an extensive group of professions from multiple disciplines within the medical and beauty therapy sectors, all of whom are dedicated to raising the standards of safety in aesthetic practice.

The new registers will enable the public to search for appropriately qualified, experienced and supported practitioners and aesthetic therapists, and, in so doing, they will differentiate and safeguard against those working in the sector unethically or beyond their level of qualification.  More specifically, I believe it will establish a greater trust and respect for the very many advanced beauty therapists who, by their commitment to best practice, and through their extensive specialist knowledge of skin health management and remedial skin treatment, deserve to be recognised and take their place within the medispa industry.

I have been honoured, over the last 12 months, to be involved in the development processes for the new qualification framework and practice standards which will be officially launched alongside the registers.  The curriculum at Levels 4 to 7 is reflective of true excellence and rigour in both education and training delivery and the provision of aesthetic procedures.  While these qualifications will naturally take time for a professional indiviidual to complete, they will ensure that all practitioners, whether from a medical or non-medical background, will be able to access standardised levels of training delivered to nationally accredited standards.

I hope that you will join me in celebrating this momentous step forward for the aesthetic industry at large, but perhaps most specifically for the advanced beauty therapy sector which I am proud to represent.

Kind regards,

Sally Durant



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Join me, Sally Durant and a panel of industry experts at Professional Beauty on Sunday 25th February at 4pm in the Business Skills Seminar Area for the Panel Debate on: ‘Regulation – What Does The JCCP Register Mean For Me & My Salon?’





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