An essential guide for all aesthetic therapists in readiness for the JCCP Register of Aesthetic Practitioners in 2017

There are some major milestones due in 2017 for the aesthetics industry. Make sure you are well informed.

In 2016 the new qualification framework for all professions providing clinical skin treatment non-surgical cosmetic procedures was announced in the HEE Report published in January.

Since then there has been much activity behind the scenes and many people are either anxious about what they should do now to secure their place in the sector or confused by mixed messages.

This article is designed to help you separate fact from fiction and clarify areas of speculation in relation to industry regulation. In providing you a with concise and accurate update, I hope to help you make sense of where our industry is heading and how this will affect you and your career or business moving forward.


Formation of The Joint Council Of Cosmetic Practitioners ( JCCP)

Following the publication of the HEE report in January, various organisations united to establish a new autonomous industry body to consolidate, and implement, the HEE recommendations for qualification standards within the aesthetic sector. This body is the Joint Council of Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP) and is representative of all professional disciplines including plastic surgeons, dermatologists, aesthetic doctors and nurses, dentists and beauty therapists.   As such it marks a milestone in recognising and securing the role of beauty therapists and non-medical aesthetic practitioners within the medispa sector as well as in establishing a uniformity of qualification and practice across all disciplines providing aesthetic treatment.


Registration for Aesthetic Practitioners and Training Providers

One of the government’s stipulations in commissioning the JCCP was that it must establish a voluntary register of practitioners that all professionals working within aesthetics should join, irrespective of other professional memberships. This register will be accredited by the Professional Standards Authority and is due to be launched by the end of 2017.

At present registration is not a legal requirement, but it is intended that membership of this voluntary register will be implemented in the strongest sense by way of industry self-regulation.

Membership of the register will not only represent a ‘kite mark’ for the public to source appropriately qualified practitioners and compliant clinical facilities but will also register courses and training providers for the guidance of practitioners looking for accredited education and training.

Supplier-driven training, and any training that does not have accreditation from an Ofqual awarding body, university or other accrediting organisation endorsed by the JCCP, will not be acceptable for entry onto the register.


Levels of Qualification and Practice

To gain entry onto the register as an individual practitioner you will need a minimum qualification at Level 4 in each treatment genre you wish to provide and you will only be registered for the level of practice stipulated within the qualification framework in line with the recommendations of the HEE Report of January 2016.

For example, to provide superficial chemical skin peels to the stratum corneum, a Level 4 qualification in chemical skin peeling will be required, while to peel down to the dermal-epidermal junction will require a Level 6 qualification.

The access routes to Levels 6 and 7 will be strictly subject to them having previously achieved JCCP-approved sector qualifications at Levels 4 and 5.  This means that non-medical practitioners (including beauty therapists) will be able to qualify to provide treatment modalities at Level 6 / 7 with the oversight of a prescribing clinical professional.   Exactly how clinical oversight will be put into practice for non-prescribing clinicians and non-medical practitioners is currently under discussion.

Additionally, there will be a separate register for all education and training providers, whose staff will need to have both professional and teaching or assessing qualifications. Training premises will also need to be registered as being fit for work-based education.


Insurance and Product Supply

The leading insurance companies, together with some of the major industry suppliers of product and equipment, are actively working with the JCCP to establish the industry standards and the alignment of insurance cover and supply in accordance with each level of practice.


In Conclusion

 The reality is that the aesthetics industry is working towards a structured self-regulation process underpinned by formally accredited qualification framework that all practitioners, whatever their background, will be required to complete for each modality of treatment they wish to provide. This will ensure greater accountability of those working within the industry and improved safety and public protection for the individuals who use our services.

This can only be viewed as being extremely positive, especially for those from a traditional beauty therapy background, as it will formalise our role within the medispa sector and secure our future. It also provides a clear and accredited career path for those wishing to provide higher level non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

Compiled for BABTAC by Sally Durant on behalf of The CIBTAC / SALLY DURANT Partnership

For further information and to ask any questions, contact: – 02527 919880 ( Jo Allchurch / Caroline Walton)   – 01452 623114 ( Mandy Wells )

In the meantime, the JCCP will be developing its own website and information portal in early 2017 and will post all relevant material and updates that can be put in the public domain.


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